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Module 5 Unit 1 You like western classical music, don’t you

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八上Module 5 Unit 1 You like western classical music, don’t you?



He loves all the Jackie Chan’s films, so we can call him a f____ of Jackie Chan. What on e___ is the boy doing over there? We’re not s_____ who will get there first. Do you know the writer of the novel?It’s b____ Lao She. It’s a long t____ that women wear long white dresses on the wedding day. Vienna is the c____ of European classical music.



1.He took part in the concert, ____ ?

A.did heB. didn’t heC. didn’t sheD. did he

★2. I think she’ll like pop music, _____ ?

A. don’t IB. do IC. won’t sheD. will she

3. You had a good time during the May day holiday, ____ you?

A. hadn’tB. didn’tC. haven’tD. hasn’t

4. There was an earthquake in Yunnan on June 3, 2007 and several persons lost their lives._____.

A. I’m sorry to hear that.B. What’s the matter with them?

C. Never mindD. Are they all right

5. Let me help you, ____?

A. shall weB. will youC. don’t youD. do we

6.Let’s go home,_______?

A. will you B. don’t you C. shall we D. do you

b. 用词的适当形式填空

★1. Have you eve had ____ (west) food?What a pity! Never.

2.The old like ____ (class) music and the young like pop music.

3.Don’t laugh. It’s a ______ (seriously) questions.

4.Mozart is a very famous ______ (music).



★1.My father _______ (die) for ten years.

2.Beijing Opera is very _______ (tradition) in China.

3.Dalian is one of ______ (beautiful) cities in China.

4.Walk ______ (cross) the bridge, you can find the hospital.

5.Could you put the ______(follow) sentences into English?

6.Have you received your friends letters _______(recent)?

★7.The old woman looks _______(worry).

8.The ______(one) Lesson is very difficult.


1.孩子们已经回家去了吗?还没有。______ the children ______ home? Not _____.

2.昨天他怎么了?_________ ______ _______ _______ ____ yesterday?

你的手表怎么了? _______ ______ __________ ________your watch ?

★3.我害怕狗. I ___ ______ ____ dogs.

他害怕晚上出去.He is ______ ____ ______ _______at night.

我恐怕他不在家.I ______ ________ he _________ at home.

4.让我试一试.Let me ____________ ______, please.


They _______ _______________ Beijing yesterday.

我们俩都是学生.We are __________ students.


_______ ________ have to_________________ their sisters.


1. I think Jack can swim. (改为否定句)

I ____________ Jack can swim.

★2. I don’t know how I can get to the park. (同义句)

I don’t know ____________ get to the park.

3. There was a hall on the right of the tree, ______________ ? (完成反意疑问句)

4. The girl read the book twice last year. (对画线提问)

_______________________ the girl ______ the book?

5. The teachers were having a meeting in the meeting-room. (画线提问)

____________ the teachers ______ a meeting?

6.What was wrong with the little girl? (同义句)

What _____ ____ the little girl?



What…for? 是不理解对方的动机或询问对方的目的和用意时的用语,for放于句末。What…for意思相当于why.但what…for侧重提问目的,用不定式或for短语回答,why侧重于提问原因,用because回答。

What are you sitting on the eggs for?

I’m sitting on them to hatch the chicks.